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Resumé Narrative



Jim has a wide range of interests and skills. He has characterized by the director of the local development authority as a serial entrepreneur. He is one of the few people that can say he has led a defense program with substantial software content, delivered on-time, on-budget, as originally bid. At the same time he brings a passion for community service.


BUSINESS OWNER AND ENTREPRENEUR. Jim Olsen owned and managed Human Interactive Products, Inc. through January 2018. The company was dedicated to both profitable operations and social good.

  • Native Plant Restoration and Nursery (Trade Name: Great Bear Restoration),

  • Commercial Real Estate and Management,

  • Business Planning and Market Research Consulting,

  • Consumer Software and Electronics for license,

  • Consulting for Large Scale Engineering Developments in Program Management, System and Software Engineering.

  • Competitive Strategy and Proposal Manager of pursuits large and small including team building, multimedia hardware in the loop demonstrations and video production management. The company has created or been instrumental in development of projects for social good:

  • Construction and lease-back of Emma's House, a home setting for interviews with Child Victims of Crime,

  • Underwrote and produced Hamilton Performing Arts Series.

  • Business plan and advocacy for Community Based Mental Health Crisis Center.

  • Private/public Bison Internet Café, a place for people recovering from mental illness to integrate with the community.

  • Startup Funding for Mississippi Home Again, a model program for community-to-community disaster relief.


SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL ADVOCATE. From 1993 to present, Jim has been engaged in environmental and social advocacy on a volunteer basis. He has helped build organizations, been a spokesperson, and coordinated multifaceted campaigns that included press, public forums, litigation, and grassroots organizing. Work includes:

  • Effective Response to Domestic Abuse and Child Abuse.

  • Forest and Wildlands: Forest Management, Motorized Use, Endangered Species Protection.

  • Land Use and Subdivisions.

  • Year-round sustainable food growing concept.

  • Highway Expansion and Community Impacts.

  • Biological Laboratory Safety.

  • Hamilton Farmers Market.

  • Climate Change Action Group.




Popular Book Author — Books Published and In Progress


I Ching of a Thousand Doors: Jim has completed I Ching of the Thousand Doors. which is scheduled for release on February 14, 2020. The book involves a correlative discussion of the I Ching (also known by the pinyin title: Yijing - The Book of Changes) including its relationship with major religions, language and translation, Chinese history, religious history, language, psychology, and science. It landed an agent and has gotten great reviews from editors of major publishers, but required more of a “platform” from the author.


Jim has created a social media ecology including a YouTube channel. Jim has taught a multimedia course on the I Ching and its relation to Daoist Philosophy, Confucianism, Pure Land and Chan (Zen) Buddhism, religious history, psychology, and science.

Pearl Harbor Chronicles. The work is in progress on a narrative non-fiction book on Pearl Harbor and the Pacific War, with real American and Japanese civilians and military experiencing Total War. Teaching a course at the Bitterroot College.

Non-violent Grassroots Activism – The Power and the Grace. Jim is planning a book based on case studies and narratives from his own experience called, Non-violent Grassroots Activism – The Power and the Grace.


Teaching a course at the Bitterroot College. Recently held a session for graduate students for The University of Montana Environmental Studies Leadership Program using case studies in the Bitterroot Valley to show how the principles articulated in Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech” worked in the ground in grass-roots activism.


The Art of Program Management: On Time, On Budget, As Originally Bid.



Treasurer, Hamilton Farmers Market Cooperative, (~2008-2009, 2012-2014, 2017 to 2020)

Besides financial issues, am the lead in conflict resolution and personnel issues, dealing with conflicts between vendors and political conflicts (for which Ravalli County is famous). Developed a formalized due-process policy that has been used a couple of times, but generally face-to-face de-escalation and informal resolution is sufficient.


Member, Bitterroot Affordable Housing Coalition (2018-present)

Main effort to date is to attempt to design housing system that his affordable for the homeless and at- risk without subsidies. Developed a concept for affordable housing called the Hacienda Project using shared household functions, emerging building technologies – cargo containers and 3-D printing, with cost estimates.


President/Treasurer, Board of Directors, Bitterroot School of Music (2015 - 2018)

Governing and financial management support for an organization founded by Jenn Adams.


Board of Directors, Bitterrooters for Planning (~2016-2017)

Main effort was to try to reengage volunteers which had diminished because of paid staff. Support ligation on subdivision and attempts at a Walmart.


Ad Hoc Group, Year-round food growing (~2009-2011)

Formed an ad-hoc group to explore a large-scale solution for an economic food production year- round system involving farmers and people who had engaged in hydroponics, aeroponics, alternative

energy, and systems engineers. The group developed a conceptual idea around cargo containers, standardized control interfaces, automation, driven by data-base driven software that could use the same physical building blocks to grow and process a wide variety of species – crops, poultry, and live-stock – with interfaces to field growing. Personal issues halted the project.


Member, Ad-hoc Flatiron Annexation and Subdivision (2008)

Was asked to assist neighborhood group in a grass-roots campaign to resist the proposed annexation. The campaign involved a very active volunteer effort, including public education, press, lit-drops, MEPA process, subdivision process, and presentations the City of Hamilton Council. I ended up being a primary spokesman by request. The annexation request was denied.


Vice-Chair, Board of Directors, Supporters of an Abuse Free Environment (S.A.F.E.) (1996- 2000)

Was the first male to be asked to be on the Board of Directors, which at the time, was a significant step for the organization for an organization that were setting up a domestic abuse shelter in a rural county. Key contribution was organizational development and staff, personnel policies, and financial processes.

When the salary of the first hire was being discussed, even though money was short, I suggested that even though we could get social workers cheap, we should not take advantage of pay dispersity for a woman-dominated profession. Even though the outfit did not have the money then, the board agreed to have to have the goal of paying what they were worth to society, telling the employees that we would do so when we could. As a result SAFE staff has been one of the more well paid staff compared to peer groups over the years and has attacked excellent staff.

Initiated the idea that services target direct to child abuse was needed, which the staff carried forward with grants for what is now Emma’s House. Also, helped develop community outreach concepts.


Kept the Board’s focus on the grass-roots nature of mission to avoid the “money trap” in the face of a large fundraising effort for transitional housing. SAFE has grown in both staff and effectiveness in community outreach, interaction with all parts of the local justice systems, and conflict resolution education in the schools.

Transition to Ex-officio for an additional two-three years when the organization hired my daughter.


President, Friends of the Bitterroot (1994-2000)

Friends of the Bitterroot is a grassroots conservation organization. The group is one of the most successful forest watch and wilderness advocate grassroots groups in the country. The group is responsible for a dramatic improvement in forestry practices on public lands in the area the size of Connecticut. In the Bitterroot National Forest, harvest levels down to 20% of a decade ago, road building from a plan of 20 miles per year to a total of 4 miles in ten years, grazing allotments down by a half (to levels that are still not sustainable). The group also had major campaigns on Off-road-vehicle damage and wolf and grizzly bear habitat and reintroduction. The Grizzly Bear campaign is the subject of the book, Grizzly West by Michael Dax.

Jim helped sustain this effort and moved the group into broader community involvement in weed control, toxins, transportation, and land use. Also, collaborated with and had joint projects with other groups such as the Montana Wilderness Association, Alliance for the Wild Rockies, Wildlands CPR, Ecology Center, Wilderness Watch, Friends of the Clearwater, Friends of the Wild Swan, Great Bear Foundation, and occasionally with Woman’s Voices of the Earth, MEIC, and Greenpeace; Repaired relations with the Montana Wilderness Association resulting in a several joint year ORV campaign. Did press-work to move the perception of the group from being perceived by too many as “radical” to, at least in the words of one local Republican legislator, to “part of the community.”

Some campaigns involved volunteer lobbying at both the state and national level in which Jim participated.


One major campaign was the 2000 Salvage Sale, which developed into a collation of local regional, and national groups (Sierra Club, Wilderness Society, Earth First!) who, as it got underway was, by request, coordinated by Friends of the Bitterroot. The project was initiated insight the beltway by a political appointee and involved national politics, in spite of the fact that Friends of the Bitterroot was collaborating with logging companies doing field trips to agree on areas in which logging would be mutually acceptable. It involved extensive public education, field trips, expert panels, press, extensive citizen research, NEPA process, and litigation which led to a mediated settlement.


Member, Board of Directors, Citizens for a Safe Lab

This was a campaign to get the National Institute for Health to implement a safe BSL-4 lab, a coalition with Friends of the Bitterroot and Women’s Voices of the Earth, It involved extensive public education, press, citizen research, NEPA process, and litigation which ended in a mediated settlement in which Ravalli County got safety features and visibility that exceeded other similar campaigns in the nation. This campaign is discussed in the book, Germ Warfare by Melanie Armstrong.

Member, Board of Directors, Highway 93 Citizens Coalition for Responsible Planning (1999- 2000)

Was involved in, and was often the spokesman for, a grassroots group that advocated alternatives to the expansion of Highway 93 in Ravalli County to a four-lane highway, While the four-lane highway was build, the group’s efforts led to empowered citizens groups who had a significance influence on the design of the highway in Lolo, Florence, Stevensville-Y, and Victor, making increasing safety and aesthetics driven by a significant amount of citizen research. The north valley bike path arose out of this campaign.


Collaborated with groups along the 93 corridor in Montana. Afterwards, DOT hired one of the activists to assist in their public process throughout the state and an invitation to participate and give a short keynote talk at a Regional Native American highway conference in Rapid City.


This led to a request for assistance for setting up a grassroots group in Ketchum.


Member, Committee Member, Montana Smart Growth Coalition – Helena (~1999-2004)

Primary on transportation committee – mostly participated in reviewing bills and Montana state legislature lobbying.


Member, Executive Committee, Montana CHEER - Missoula (~1998-1999)

Helped develop an organization that successfully improved the pollution controls related to Stone Container in Missoula and deals with other toxins issues and regulations. I helped the group navigate an internal crisis between two groups taking apparently contradictory approaches, one insisting the company stop polluting or else and one in collaboration with workers, showing how coordinating “underneath the table” could actually make the campaign more effective.

Member, Board of Directors. Cold Mountain Cold Rivers - Missoula (~1997-1999)

Environmental activism using video, often combined with civil disobedience. Montana Cheer was one of their campaigns. I did not participate in actions, but provided governance support. This group was the cofounder of the current Buffalo Field Campaign located in West Yellowstone.


Helped develop organizations that successfully improved the Non-Profit Boards with brief tenures to help get through transitions

Bitterroot Ecological Awareness Resource (BEAR); Ravalli County Big-Brothers Big Sisters.


Boy Scouts of America, Eagle Scout, Adult Leader


Ravalli County Democrat Central Committee ~ 1998-2006

Candidate for State Legislator (Democrat) – 2000, 2016

Montana Democratic Party State Executive Committee

Delegate To Democratic State Convention (2002 – Platform; 2016 – Platform, Bernie Sanders Delegate)

Formed Political Action Committee – The Kicking Mule PAC – 2004 – 2014

Media campaigns, list building, and the John Tester Yellow T-Shirt Campaign, a joint venture with the Fire Burns PAC.1



Highway 93 Citizen’s Advisory Committee (No longer active – project complete)

Rocky Mountain Laboratories Advisory Committee (No longer active – project complete)

City of Hamilton Impact Fee Advisory Committee (No longer active – project complete)

City of Hamilton Equal Opportunity Committee (No longer active)

Ravalli County Mental Health Crisis Center Advisory Committee (No longer active – Project Compete)





Jim organized the company around Profit Centers within the company, each with a manager and with the bookkeeping system organizes costs and income that can be allocated to each Profit Center. The company grew to a $5 million company.


Great Bear Restoration and Great Bear Natives 2006-2018

Great Bear Restoration was formed as a native plant wholesale nursery and restoration service Profit Center in 2006 and served a geographic area in the intermountain West from the Canadian border to Northern Arizona. The Profit Center expanded to create and expand native plants sales in retail nurseries in Montana, Idaho, and Utah. After a major staff change in 2011, Jim took over as Operations Manager, making the business more cost-effective as the industry contracted through 2014. The operation was sold in early 2018.


Real Ventures 2006-2017

Three properties we purchased and two upgraded – they have all been sold in the last year.

  • Hamilton Carriage House is a historic building that the company renovated and updated for use

    by the company and tenants.

  • Emma’s House is a home setting for forensic interviews with child victims of crime and is

    leased to Emma’s House Childrens Advocacy Center. Jim worked with the organization that would become Emma’s House to find a suitable property. He found an investor to share the costs and build to suit, to be leased back at an affordable rent.

  • Residential Rental. Was purchased for rental to a residential tenant.


Montana Made Batik 2010 Implemented a business plan to hire people and do T-Shirt production using techniques developed

by Mary Byers. The increased sales to support wages was not sufficient so operations was shut down.


Local Food in Institutions 2009 - 2010 Developed local sources, logistics, and food safety processes to provide locally and sustainably

produced coffee and sandwiches with the plan to be in the Bitterroot College and RML Laboratory – with an eye toward the local school system. While we did stand up a facility at the Bitterroot College, we lost the competition for a competitive bid at RML and thus could not sustain the operation financially.

Consulting Services (This area grew the company to peek at a $5 million per year business)


  • Jim led small teams deployed to support foreign sales of airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems to foreign countries including countries in North Africa, India, and Jamaica.

  • Jim also developed a team of engineers from around the country and non-engineers from the Bitterroot Valley to participate in these programs. Jim developed a training program for proposal management, proposal writing, and data management for local recruits – those that passed muster were deployed on jobs throughout the country as part of the company team.

  • Foreign Sales Technical Support and Proposals. Jim led small teams deployed to support foreign sales of airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems to foreign countries including countries in North Africa, India, and Jamaica.

  • Airborne Standoff-Off Radar (ASTOR) - This system contains one million lines of software including real-time synthetic aperture computations, Doppler target recognition and correlation, airborne satcom, line-of-site high-speed data link to mobile ground stations. The system included a complete training center and simulation, five aircraft, and ground mobile command centers. It has operated in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya.

  • Jim was recruited by a Raytheon Segment President who opened the conversation with “I have a $6 billion job for a $4.5 billion fixed priced contract. Ratified by the CEO, Jim got to work figuring out how to fix the failing program that was in the midst of system integration – a multi-company, multi- division team with operations in Texas, California, Arizona, and the United Kingdom.

  • He worked with the Raytheon Program Manager to reorganize the program. He reworked the schedule and Integrated Management Plan to create the roadmap for completing the program. Acting as Raytheon’s agent, Jim renegotiated the major subcontracts so that their terms and conditions were aligned with the needs of the job. Participated and helped develop strategies for United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (MoD) renegotiations, sometimes acting as Raytheon’s agent.

  • Jim also worked to fix engineering management. He organized a requirements management process and served as the interim Raytheon System Engineering Integration and Test Manager, as they were looking for an internal candidate for the job.

  • Jim fixed the software management, repairing broken company-to-company and Raytheon-to-UK MoD relationships.

  • As the system neared deployment Jim was put in charge of production of a sales video for the Farnborough Air Show – clips of the video are still up on the Raytheon web site.

  • During this time Jim developed a method of improving the Earned-Value Management (EVM) Schedule and Budget system – adding task-specific measurable metrics to the process to create more accurate forward-looking predictions that allowed more effective management of corrective actions.

  • Airborne Standoff-Off Radar (ASTOR) Security and Accreditation Subcontract

  • Jim negotiation a fixed-priced multimillion dollar subcontract with Raytheon to perform the Security Accreditation in accordance with MoD requirements and executed it under budget. He used the metrics based Earned Value to good effect.

  • Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) Concept Definition contract and Development Pursuit - Jim was both the Proposal Manager and Demonstration Manager during the concept definition contract and follow-on proposal for the development program. Raytheon was in a “come from behind” position never having been prime contractor for a satellite system, although the company had been a payload subcontractor. Jim helped drive the Integrated Management Plan and key system architecture issues as well as strategies to drive down technical risk.

  • He proposed a multimedia hardware-in-the-loop demonstration to Raytheon and led the effort. He developed a story-telling approach of presenting the hardware demonstration in the context of multimedia vignettes. One of the customer’s called it, “The best demo I’ve ever seen.”

  • James R. Olsen

  • Jim was responsible for developing a Proposal Plan and led the multi-company team in its development. He was disappointed that his pitch to senior management for another 10% investment to drive down technical risks that the customer was concerned about was not approved. While Raytheon became competitive and made it a close call, the Raytheon team lost.

  • Aegis Combat System Target Data Fusion – Jim led a proposal for the development of advanced target data fusion from multiple sensors on multiple platforms.

  • MILSTAR Terminal Upgrades – Jim provided senior strategy support and authorship for both an Air Force and Navy upgrade of MILSTAR terminals. The Navy upgrade was won and is complete. Also, consulted on a B-2 upgrade of its satcom radome.

  • Cobra Judy Upgrade – Jim provided win strategy support and integration strategy for the Cobra Judy Upgrade Program. This was ordered sole source and has recently been deployed.

  • Army Mobile Command Center – Jim supported the strategy and planning for a mobile command center. Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) – Ground – Jim provided win strategy support and integration

strategy for a JTRS proposal.


LOCAL – “DOUBLE BOTTOM LINE” 2004-2017 Lightfoot Cycles – Worked with owners to develop product strategy, sales strategy. Provided microloan.

  • Ravalli County Economic Development Authority – Contracted to write the business plan of the Ravalli County Entrepreneurship Center. As part of the contract, attended a conference on Entrepreneurship Center development. The business plan included an economic survey using demographic data and interviews.

  • Bitterroot Star – Worked with the owners to expand coverage, go to a free newspaper. Provided addition reporter and support, microloan and investment.

  • Trapper Peak Forge – Worked with owners to develop a sales plan. Provided small investment. Bitterroot Composite Lumber Company – Provided a home and support in return for equity in an

  • attempt to from a composite lumber factory in Darby.

  • Mississippi Home Again – Provided funding for an effective on-the-ground group that provided community-to-community Katrina Relief from the Bitterroot to Biloxi, Mississippi.

  • Community Based Mental Health Crisis Intervention

  • West House Mental Health Crisis Center – Worked with a Clinical Social Worker. Jim worked on behalf of the Sheriff and the people Jim met at peer meetings of people recovering from mental illness. He engaged in research and conversations to understand the police, justice system, mental health therapists, case workers, and people’s experience with mental health and their experience with the justice and mental health systems.

  • Jim created a business plan for the development and operation of a local crisis center showing both the costs and impact on police and people with mental illness. The plan was based on a model Jim developed for taking the statistics of county attorney mental health crises events to determine the number of beds required. Presented the plan to a joint meeting of the County Commissioners and a representative of the Montana Dept. of Public Health and Human Services, who said, “You guys get

  • James R. Olsen

  • it.” The county got a grant; Jim suggested a committee to develop an inter-agency process for dealing with a mental health crisis and served on the committee; the facility was built.

  • Hamilton Performing Arts Series 2009

  • Jim worked with the Hamilton School District to take over production for the Hamilton Performing Arts Series when the district was going to terminate the series because it was losing money. The company underwrote and produced the series for one season and then turned it over to a non-profit. Grammy-award winning performers are still coming to the Bitterroot Valley for a performance as well as sessions with school children.


Bison Internet Café 2010-2011. Teamed with a Mental Health professional and non-profit to implement a place were people recovering from mental illness could safely interact with the community. It was supported by a grant from the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services. The model included hire people recovering from mental illness as staff.


RATHEON COMPANY  Jun 1982 to Jan 2000 Lexington, MA

Most of the systems below involve the implementation of the latest science from real time models of the ionosphere to food safety on a ship. I am used to stepping into a management position, learning from the people who are doing the work, but the technology and their tasks, synergizing it onto a plan and budget, and leading the group to go from a stack of specifications to a system in the hands of the operators. I was considered one of the best and one of the best at effective risk management.


Business Development and On-Going Program Support (Half time, home based in Montana) 1993 to 2000

  • Developed win strategies, conducted teaming negotiations, led proposal teams, demonstrations, senior management review teams, and proposal authoring for several new business opportunities. Programs included Joint Precision Approach Landing System (JPALS), National Aerospace Simulation and Modeling (NASM), Joint National Test Facility, Patriot upgrades, Battlefield Adaptive Data Distribution, Air Force worldwide logistics management, PRISM (Command and Control Rapid Prototyping), the National Missile Defense System.

  • Consulted on computer architecture for SIVAM (Environmental Monitoring and Expert System for Amazon Basin). Developed a concept and script for a movie for Ballistic Missile Defense for Taiwan.

  • Led and participated in recovery initiatives for active programs experiencing schedule, cost, and performance problems. These include CAATS (Air Traffic Route Planning) and MK57 (Navy Ship Defense).

  • Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) Program Manager. 1992 to 1993 This is one of the predecessor programs to the current missile defense programs being deployed

  • today. Led the BMD Operations Assessment (OA) proposal and the first half of the Concept Definition contract. Led an integrated multi-divisional Raytheon organization teamed with Loral, Rockwell, and others. Developed Object Oriented processes and tools suitable for Ballistic Missile Defense C4I and a concept for distributed real-time simulation. Other programs in Raytheon adopted many of the processes developed by this program.

  • I led the development of a digital architecture for a geographically distributed soft real time simulation.

  • I we also developed a pre-skype voice and video desktop to desktop and presented a theory of communication and collaboration among a distributed team, using different modes, from face-to-

  • James R. Olsen

  • face, video, voice, and email, specifying which categories for communication (a complex design

  • problem to a status report) were suitable for each mode.


Director, Data Acquisitions Directorate. 1991 to 1992

Led a $500 million per year profit center. Programs included Ground Based Radar (GBR), Patriot Antennas, Iridium (a commercial satellite communications net) Antennas, large phased array radars and several technology programs. Guided program managers and resolved performance, cost and schedule issues. Developed business opportunities in military systems integration, Command and Control, and software markets.

  • Cobra Dane Upgrade PROGRAM MANAGER. 1989 to 1991Led teaming, proposal, and execution of the Cobra Dane program. Cobra Dane was delivered ahead of schedule and exceeded profit goals. The Cobra Dane upgrade was the first large real-time Ada program. Developed contract structure, business relationships, and management structure for a closely integrated team from six contractors. The system was delivered to Shemya Island at the end of the Aleutian chain ahead of schedule and under budget.

  • RAMP Test Director (Air Traffic Control). 1988 to 1989Led integration and testing for the Air Traffic Control radar system for Canada. Turned a failing integration and test program into a success.

  • BMEWS Deputy Program Manager, Test Director, Site Manager. 1986 to 1988 Deployed a team of 70 people to the artic remote based in Thule, Greenland. Led the integration and test of the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System (BMEWS) radar and managed the site in Thule, Greenland. Recovered much of the schedule slip caused by delayed software by integrating the system and incremental software releases in parallel software completion. Within 60 days from being assigned to this job, we moved the entire electronics, computers, people, and logistics system to Thule Greenland, installed it and tracked our first live target in ten days from pulling the plug in New England.

  • Relocatable Over The Horizon Radar (ROTHR) Data Processing Mng. 1984 to 1986 Led the Data Processor and software development effort for ROTHR. This includes a real-time model of the ionosphere in collaboration with the nation’s leading scientists. ROTHR advanced Over The Horizon algorithms to a reliable operational capability. ROTHR now provides coverage for the entire Caribbean and northern South America for drug interdiction.

  • National Missile Defense (SENTRY and GP ALS) Data Processing Management. 1982 to 1984 Responsible for $40 million software subcontract and oversight of militarized computer development.

  • Review Teams (Red Teams). Jim led and participated in several red teams for review key issues and programs including MILSTAR, In-house vs Purchase for Displays, Air Traffic Control, Ship Defense.

  • Processes and Tools. During this time, Jim introduced and led the development of two System Engineering Processes – Thread Analysis and Object Oriented System Engineering. He introduced the use of Spreadsheet Software (Visicalc/Supercalc) and the use of desktop computers (Apple Lisa, the predecessor to Macs) for graphics into the plant.


United States Air Force, Captain Jan 1970 to May 1982 Awards and Medals: Meritorious Service, Air Force Commendation. Small Arms Expert Marksmanship

  • Cobra Judy DEPUTY PROGRAM MANAGER (SHIPBORNE INTEL. DA T A COLLECTION)1977 to 1982 Developed software acquisition strategy, coordinated system requirements between the intelligence community and Army Ballistic Missile Defense Command, managed the ship overhaul program, and planned and led the government test program. Achieved exceptional cost growth of under 2% and was ahead of schedule. It won the Air Force Systems Command Program of the Year award.

  • Also, served as Source Selection Advisor and Evaluator for Sea Launched Ballistic Missile early warning systems, Satellite Control Facility, European Communications Backbone, Airborne Telemetry (As Source Selection Evaluation Board Chair and Acting Program Manager). Developed software acquisition strategies for assuring software stability and reuse that were adopted throughout the command.

  • Cobra Dane 14TH AIR FORCE TEST TEAM (INTELLIGENCE LONG RANGE SENSOR) 1975 to 1976 Member of the user test and operational transition team for Cobra Dane. Wrote some of the post- processing software and designed and conducted live operational tests. When a contract to rewrite the software fell severely behind, Jim organized a schedule review, the results of which was presented and accepted. The program went operational in accordance with the schedule.

  • AN/FPS-85 SOFTWARE AND SYSTEMS (SPACETRACK, MISSILE EARLY WARNING) 1970 to 1975 2 Maintained operational real-time software and performed operational readiness and systems level hardware and software diagnostic analysis. Work included programming, software design, system engineering and modeling, test design, and designing an collecting metrics that help pinpoint sophisticated problems and failure modes. Developed and managed schedule for a major software rewrite. Work included a queuing model of new waveforms and test design that used satellites to simulate the behavior of ballistic missiles. When a contract to rewrite the software fell severely behind, Jim organized a schedule review which was presented up the chain of command and accepted. The program went operational in accordance with the schedule. 

  • This assignment occurred after 3 months of Officers Candidate School (Basic Training for Officer Candidates) and assignment for three months to Laredo Airforce Base for Pilot training. Washed out on medical due to sinusitis. Since Jim had, what was at the time, a rare Computer Science degree, after asking senior officers for advice, he found himself on the telephone with the Director of Operations, Fourteenth Air Force, who placed him in his next two assignments.


Taught Computer Science at the College Level on Military Base, Orange College


WORK 1963 to 1969

Paid for College and lived on the economy, while taking a full engineering load at college 3

  • K I R B Y C O M P A N Y – Full time. Door to door sales. Promoted to Field Supervisor of five salesman.

  • DA Y LABOR HALL – Full time

  • Valley Lumber – Full time. Truck driver, forklift, retail and wholesale sales, and minor woodshop work. RESIDENTIAL FENCES AND HOUSE PAINTING – 3⁄4 time. Partnership with a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer. Planned, estimated, and built residential fences. Also, one painting contract. Had one part time employee.

  • UNION 67 GAS ST A TION A TTENDANT - full time. Also, worked briefly as a painter’s helper. Later contracted to a few buildings.

  • Lipkin’s Lumber– 3⁄4 - full time. Truck driver, forklift, retail and wholesale sales, lumber grading, and

  • woodshop.

NA VAL AIR STATION COMMISSARY – 1⁄2- 3⁄4 time. Grocery bagger, unpaid, tips only. DAIRY QUEEN. Server and fry cook.


  • Help Yourself To Natural Health 1995 to 1997 Organized 20 authors and professionals to create a multi-media, comprehensive reference, focused on naturopathic medical practices, but including orthodox medicine. The product included a 15,000 source line development in a multi-media specific Object Oriented language combined with “C.” This was not licensed due to the market shifting to the Internet.

  • Letter Drop 1990 to 1995 Developed a word game. Licensed to Centron Software and on the consumer market for three years.

  • Bridge (the card game) Scoring Calculator (Patent 4130871) 1977 to 1984 Developed a microprocessor based calculator that keeps score for bridge. Endorsed by Charles Goren (a leading bridge expert) and licensed to Tri Sigma. It was on the consumer market for five years.



University of Florida, Gainesville, FL (and extension at Eglin AFB, FL.)

Master of Science, Industrial and Systems Engineering, 1975

This degree incorporated Operations Research. A focus in my curriculum was modeling as well as

schedule theory.

University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 1969

My curriculum emphasized the theory of computer languages, operating systems, computer architecture, and automated electrical network analysis (my senior project was to design and write the front end of compiler for a computer language to apply this to biological hormone systems).


Other Education

CONSERVATION ACTIVIST TRAINING (BY INVITATION, SPONSORED BY PATAGONIA) 1996 This included seminars with leading activists, as well as investigative journalism and board


ADVANCED MANAGEMENT PROGRAM, HARBIDGE HOUSE (RAYTHEON SPONSORED) 1988 This course included seminars on finance, union relations, project management. Participants

selected for this course are candidates for top-tier management.


Besides military science, the military is one of the few institutions which teaches leadership (as opposed to management) as a subject. Course work included practical leadership exercises, including Project X; lectures on the empowerment model and informal leadership.




Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARs); Uniform Commercial Code; Contract law; Basic Accounting; Basic Astronomy; Perception - natural and artificial intelligence; Theory of Justice; Theory and History of Non-Violent Activism; Comparative Religion and Religious History especially the early Christian Movement, Early Daoism, and Confucianism; Ancient Chinese History; I Ching; Theory of Language and Syntax; Cultural, Propaganda, Mass Communication, Military, and Political History of the First Half of the 20th Century.


  • Word Processing and Publishing: Microsoft Word, Work Perfect, Pages, Adobe InDesign, and others

  • Photo Editing: Competent with Photoshop and other tools which come with Operating Systems . Drawing and Illustration: Competent with several drawing programs including Adobe Illustrator.

  • Presentation: Have worked on proposals were Power Point was the primary illustration tool. Presentation: An expert in PowerPoint and Keynote.

  • Video and Sound Editing: Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Sound Studio and others. Have been paid to do video editing.

  • Spreadsheets: An expert in Microsoft Excel including Visual Basic if needed.

  • Data Bases: Have built data base products in FileMaker. Modified Microsoft Access. Know the underlying theory of data bases and data based structure design. Bookkeeping: Quickbooks – including setup, classes, report generation.

  • Scheduling: Microsoft Project and others. Know the underly theory of schedule management and how to use scheduling tools to do Earned Value.

  • Websites: Wix – have several sites up using wix, including using the underlying API for custom dynamic behavior.

  • Programming: C, C++, Visual Basic and several other languages including various assembly languages for specific computers. Have not yet done any Python or Java. Some MATLAB. Also modeling languages such as GPSS. LISP.

Hamilton, MT 59840

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