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Its been in newspapers — the 2-lane is going to be expanded to an undivided 4-lane. A popular bumper sticker says, “Pray for me, I drive Highway 93.” A half dozen people are sitting in your living room and ask how to stop the expansion and promote a “Super 2.” You agree to help.

This campaign involved extensive NEPA participation, litigation, and coalition building — but went far beyond litigation in public participation and consensus-building. The theme is how several significant and long-lasting positive outcomes came out of a campaign that failed in its stated primary mission. 

=========== BACKGROUND =======================

The Montana Department of Transportation (MDOT) announced plans to build an undivided 4-lane highway from Lolo to Hamilton. The people who approached you are interested in two alternatives. 1) a Super-2 - that is a two lane with wide shoulders and frequent passing lanes and 2) a bike path alongside the road. MDOT has formed a Citizen’s Advisory Committee  - people they asked to participate - community leaders. The majority support MDOT’s proposal.  

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