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My Story


I have been called a Renaissance Man by the  chief of staff to a past governor of Montana. I have worked with my hands. I am an engineer, manager, business owner, activist.


I  worked my way through the boring stuff of textbooks in the Uniform Commerical Code, beginning accounting, federal acquisition regulations because I needed to know it – and the stuff of visual perception because it was interesting.


I researched my way through the academic literature on wildfires, biolab safety, highway capacity and safety because certain governmental agencies needed scrutiny. 

I read history, studied religious history because I was fascinated by it.


I thought about how to manage a group of people who are working on something more complicated than a single human being could understand because I wanted to be good at it. ​


I write non-fiction books on a range of subjects. My goal is to write the most comprehensive book in the subject, a book that is well-researched and present readers with accurate and reliable information in a readable narrative.


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I Ching of a Thousand Doors

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A meticulously researched narrative in everyday language show how to use the I Ching and get the most out of The Book of Changes no matter what your viewpoint. Shows how divination with the I Ching is merely an extension of your everyday experience, allowing you to tap deeper into your subconscious to bring forth what it already knows using the I Ching. Answers the questions, What is Yin-Yang and the Dao? How did Confucius get his words in the I Ching?

Practical narratives, illustrations, mixed with Poetic Prose and surprisingly beautiful prose from Ancient China get your heart as well as your mind engaged with The Book of Changes. Key phrases explained, showing what it meant and what it means.

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Keyboard and Mouse
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How America go it wrong when others were getting it right

COVID Wars- Non Fiction 


- Non Fiction   

                                                      The events in Ravalli County are a microcosm of the Americass response

                                       to the COVID-19 Pandemic as individuals and institutions try to navigate

                              uncertain and conflicting data — anxiety, news, politics, trust, mistrust, health,

                  and livelihood drove America to implement one of the worst public health responses in the world.

 The narrative is driven by events in Ravalli County, official comments to the local health board including the author's, placed in the context of Americas research and public health decisions, made in the face of uncertainty, science, politics, and propaganda. The only book that tells both sides of the story with inputs from an NIAID researcher, Pharmacologist, Naturopathic Doctor, and a leading anti-vaxxer who have agreed to be part of a book that will opposing viewpoints. The book finishes with How American Can Do Better —  the only book that compares how America response compares with the best responses from other countries to make data-driven recommendations.

             ~~~ Rooted thoroughly in the scientific literature, it is made accessible to the lay reader ~~~

Airplane Wreck in Ocean


Our mother was there, a senior in High School. Collaborative Project with Val Anderson for a series of books

PUBLISHED — by Valerie J. Anderson

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Screen Shot 2022-08-23 at 2.54.33 PM.png

COMING in awhile by James R. Olsen


Minute by minute account from both sides                                  

What were they thinking? The American pilot, the Japanese aviator, the civilian
on the ground, the sailor on the ship, the intelligence officer, the FBI man, the
Japanese American drawn into the same story — drawn from authentic accounts

Why They Flew - Non Fiction                                  

Mister Zero Eyes - Alternative History                              

What happens a grounded Japanese aviator had a good idea? Midway will never be the same.


Christ the Redeemer

t h e     Teachings  of
Jesus of Nazareth

An examination of the Gospels - what they say and don’t say
- how seeking to live them
-may be more than holding tightly to any creed.

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