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From Inside the Beltway. 

A meeting was arranged with the Forest Supervisor — a small group of forest activists present. A couple of them had been out in the field with representatives of two timber harvesting companies — identifying stands of good timber that preserved roadless areas. 

The largest timber sale in the country had been announced — a salvage sale from the results of the 2000 fires. The Supervisor suggested opposing this proposal could be dangerous.


"This is going to be everybody's [environmental groups] favorite project this year. We both know you cannot even mark that many trees. Why not do a series of small sales, we will all do what we need to do, and there will be plenty of trees to harvest." But, at that moment you realize the Supervisor has nothing to do with the decision. 

This campaign involved a loose (mostly) coalition of local, regional, and national groups — the local group was asked to coordinate it. The emphasis in the case will be how to coordinate the activities of multiple groups with different objectives, skill-sets, and willingness to engage with other groups — engaging simultaneously in NEPA/litigation, mass public education, field-work, public forums, science panels, and local and national press.

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