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Willamette - 3rd Year - Amazing

I always learn something at the Willamette Writters Conference. This year it seemed to be crawling with screen writers.

Screen writing - what does it have to do with non-fiction - A lot! Creative non-fiction can be a good story with all of the drama, story arch, and character emotions of a good movie or novel – but it has one BIG constraint added on. It has got to be true, every word of it.

It has been an fascinating journey reading the letters of my mother, father, grandfather; scouring the history books; reading old newspapers; writing the story of the Attack on Pearl harbor as American and Japanese people saw it, heard it, smelled it, and felt it. A story, a true story.

This started it. But, there is a lot more to the story.

Val Dive Bomber - Speed brakes deployed - Dec 7, 1941

"Val" Dive Bomber - Speed Brakes Deployed - 7 Dec 1941

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